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Age: 16
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye color: blue
Hair color: dark brown

Marital Status/Significant Other: single (but currently dating Neena Thurman)

Relatives: William Keller (father), Elizabeth Keller (mother), James Keller (older brother)


Student and full time pain in the ass to the teaching staff.


Julian is a telekinetic, meaning he has the ability to manipulate and control objects with his mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. He has extraordinarily fine control of his power when moving small items, however on the grander scale, Julian struggles when he attempts to move larger and/or heavier items. After he pushes himself to a certain point, he has problems with stability and control, causing him to push harder, often resulting in the object being hurled with more force. He also has a problem manipulating more than one item at a time, which causes him to fatigue. When Julian pushes himself beyond his limits, he often suffers from migraines.

Generally, Julian uses his powers for his own protection, often throwing up "bubbles", or protective barriers to shield himself. Julian can use his powers on other living things as well, but to do so usually results in more dangerous consequences. He has, however, discovered that he can levitate himself in minor flight, but it is generally short distances. He does get wary about floating someone along with him since tends not to be able to read their movements as easily and has to concentrate harder to avoid flying them into an inanimate object.


He loves to read and sometimes on a quiet afternoon, it's not uncommon to find his nose in a book. He enjoys movies, preferably ones involving mobsters. He loves the aura of power coupled with disregard for the law such films tend to glorify. He enjoys physical activity, especially anything which gives him a chance to show off his telekinetic skills: it's a bad idea to play sports with him, since he takes any sort of competition very seriously, and he's not above cheating if he thinks he can get away with it. He is rather intelligent and has a general understanding of basic Latin. Musically, he's rather open to most forms, but he does have a thing for the Rat Pack and the Beatles' early years.


His major dislike is primarily for those individuals who don't agree with him. He hates being told what to do, especially by anyone he considers an inferior, and he has a fairly rigid hierarchy of status that he's not afraid to exhibit every chance he gets. He has also come to the conclusion that unless your powers are useful, then you shouldn't have them to begin with. And if you have to bum someone else's powers, you're merely a power whore and a waste of his precious time. (Everett Thomas and Doug Ramsey appear to be the frontrunners on that list.) He also has a strong dislike for his brother James, who has tortured and tormented from the time he was old enough to remember.


His parents: He loathes speaking to them. Period. They have never paid attention to him, which is one of the driving factors for his current behavior.

His brother: James is the biggest ass kissing, mud sucking trouser snake that Julian knows and if he weren't related to the guy he would wish for a house to fall on him. As it is, Julian finds delight in getting on his brother's last nerve and takes great pride in pissing him off.

Neena Thurman: At first she tried to blow him off like she does with most people she meets, but persistence seemed to pay off for Julian and now the two are dating. While most people find Neena to be cruel and crass, Julian has taken the time to see her for who she truly is and can't help but find her beautiful. There is little he wouldn't do for her and is fairly confident that she feels that way in return. But, he is reluctant to ever bring up the matter.

Everett Thomas & Doug Ramsey: To Julian, these two don't even deserve to call themselves mutants. Their powers are nothing more than jokes to him, Thomas being the biggest waste because he's nothing more than a leech and holds no true power of his own.

Logan: Julian flat out HATES Logan. Ever since the feral teacher rendered him unconscious after his altercation with Thomas, he has jumped up to #1 on his shit list. Julian sees him as a big dumb animal that needs to be caged or killed before he does any more damage.